About Us

  • What we do

    We are well-capitalized group and primarily engage in commodities trading. Our Asian flows are well established and we have concluded more than 100 shipments per annum over the last few years as a group. As of 2017, our annual turnover has reached over USD 500 Million.

  • Our Value proposition

    Longview is founded on the basis of creating values for our counterparts and thereby establishing ourselves. We will stand true to ‘Commitment’, ‘Reliability’ and ‘Innovation’ in all our trades with you.

    We always fulfill our contractual obligations, as we don’t punt on the market. We have a diverse pool of supplies and buyers as well.

    We are professionally managed and have an efficient trade and operation team that ensure timelines in contracting, shipments and presentations.

    Commodities’ trading is a time old trade. The physical goods remain largely the same but counterparts and trading requirements have changed over time. Shipment sizes, trading cycle, cash conversion cycle to name a few. We are able to adapt and play a proactive trading role in support of our counterparts.

  • The team

    RICK has spent the past 35 years as a Private Equity investor. He founded Longview Resources Group as an amalgamation of three formerly separate Asian based commodities’ trading companies that he had acquired from various different previous owners. Each of the companies in the Group share similar characteristics; e.g., having long-term supplier and customer relationships, having provided a Commitment to, and Reliability for, these counterparties. Rick and his core Team are now providing the Innovation that is necessary today to grow the length and breadth of Longview’s counterparty relationships; and, therefore, its business.

    HARI joined Longview as its Group Trading & Operations Manager, having multi years of experience in commodity trading and also specializing in trade operations and middle office managing trade and commodity financing transactions. Over the course of his work, Hari has built extensive knowledge of South East Asia market business environment.

    SOO KEE joined Longview as its Group Treasurer, having previously specialized in trade and commodity finance and managing its attendant banking relationships, most recently for a multi-billion dollar Singapore based international commodity trading firm. Prior to trade and commodity finance, Soo Kee has also been a credit administrator and has served in internal audit roles in various organizations.

  • Longview group of companies

    Potentially, we will see greater commodity trading activities within and with USA in the next few years and have since setup our USA entity in anticipation of new trading opportunities.